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What use are social media shares?

Whilst, as Google tells us, shares on social media do not directly affect SEO ranking, they do have positive effects. Not only that, they can increase your email marketing lists.  You will see that most blogs and articles on websites have share buttons for social media. You might be wondering what could the benefits possibly … READ MORE »

Email marketing or social media?

Neither is mutually exclusive of course. You can do both. It is better to ask whether you should or not. If things in the email marketing world are going well for you, expansion might be something you are considering. If so, then branching out into social media will be an option. The rewards can be … READ MORE »

Do you really want to chance social media?

When used in support of email marketing a well-planned social media initiative can give a good return on investment. You will have seen the limitation though; it must be well planned. Let’s look at the process a little critically.  Ask yourself: 1/ Can we afford it? Whilst it might look all but free on the … READ MORE »

Controlling social media

I don’t want to scare anyone but I am that bane of poor email marketing: a complainer. I know this runs counter to my British heritage, but if something I’ve bought doesn’t work, I put a lot of effort into getting it repaired, replaced or obtaining a refund. I’ve used the threat of social media … READ MORE »

The Use Of Social Proof In Email Marketing

One of Ronnie Scott’s old jokes, and they were all old, was that the food he supplied at his nightclub must be good as 1000 flies can’t be wrong. I can speak from experience and say that there was a lot of truth in what he said, as well as it having a scientific basis … READ MORE »

Use Humour More Frequently In Email Marketing

It was rag week at a London teaching hospital and the behaviour of the student doctors encouraged you to avoid entering hospital unless absolutely necessary. One particular jape consisted of a skeleton tied to an automatic traffic signal, thumbing for a lift with a piece of cardboard reading Timbuktu around its neck. It caused traffic … READ MORE »

Opportunism In email Marketing

You are, no doubt, wondering how marketing strategies will change due to Covid-19 and which direction you should take in planning email marketing campaigns. Histories will be written on the subject and, as they will all disagree, how can we hope to be definitive? The one thing you might consider is to check for trends … READ MORE »

Continue Investing In Market Research

Market research budgets are, according to research, being restricted year-on-year and the Covid-19 pandemic has significantly increased this trend. For us it might be good news. If other companies, particularly competitors of yours, are changing their targets for investment, it almost always means that a gap will be opening for others to exploit. And it … READ MORE »

How Altruism Can Gain New Subscribers

The ICO has been very strict with regards to profiteering from Covid-19 response and lockdowns. Tell a lie in a marketing email and you are in the crosshairs. That should not stop you from experimenting with ways of gaining an advantage because of lockdown and people’s wish for more dependable information. Google is a ready … READ MORE »

Generating Positive Reviews

It’s official; you can’t trust online reviews. A recent Which? report condemns them and you can’t get more immutable than them. Rather ironically, people believe the headlines rather than reading through the copy and understanding what the actual conclusions were.  For email marketing generally, reviews of service are infrequent. On the other hand, if your … READ MORE »


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