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If you're not looking to expand your business, you're probably crazy or perhaps a multi-billionaire who's decided to take it easy for a while. For the rest of us – getting more leads is always on the agenda. Which is why WizEmail has made it incredibly easy for you to grab new contacts and funnel them automatically … READ MORE »

Paper subscription forms for email marketing

Whilst digital technology scores over a biro most times, there are certain occasions when paper forms can provide a better service. Do not ignore the old-fashioned ways for obtaining subscribers to your email marketing lists.  One of the positives of online subscription forms, accessed by someone browsing your webpage or via a link to a … READ MORE »

Combating misinformation & email marketing

There was an opinion piece in The Times on Saturday about the GDPR. Five days to go it suggested, before email nirvana. I try not to get irritated by poorly researched articles that are meant to be entertaining, but this one, I decided, was worth a few huffs and puffs. Giles Coren’s 1,100 or so … READ MORE »

The use of forms in email marketing

So how long should a sign-up form be? There is, of course, no perfect length for all requirements but we can give limits: running onto multiple pages is a no-no, as is not asking for sufficient information. There are a number of points to consider when trying to decide how long a particular form should … READ MORE »

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