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The European Data Protection Regulations

Is it anything to do with email marketing?  The proposed European Data Protection Regulations (DPR), replaces the Data Protection Directive, and the change from Directive to Regulations is significant. It means that it does not require ratification by each individual member country. Once passed it become law. For a common market, having various regulations in … READ MORE »

Why they forward a marketing email

The main limitation associated with email marketing is that we can only send to people who have already subscribed to our email marketing lists. We probably all believe that there must be hundreds of others out there who would be interested in our products if only we could contact them.  There is a method of … READ MORE »

From Classic Editor to EasyEditor

Please note: Classic Editor will be fully retired and no longer available from Wednesday 2nd March 2016. Summary You can now convert 'classic' campaigns to EasyEditor campaigns automatically. This will allow campaigns to be edited using EasyEditor, and not the older Classic Editor. Note: This is a beta service. Due to the variability and complexity … READ MORE »

EasyEditor Overview

In our EasyEditor, templates are made up of groups of building blocks. A building block can be text, an image, a combination of an image and text, etc. These blocks can be just dragged and dropped onto your template. The available building blocks are displayed in the Build area on the left-hand side of your … READ MORE »


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