Email Data

Misleading those on your email list is a mistake

A recent complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority has raised a couple of points that have a direct impact on email marketing. The overriding principle is that adverts should not mislead. This is good advice of course: lie to those on your email lists and next time there will be fewer to lie to. The … READ MORE »

Email marketing and retention

Email has been described as primarily a retention medium. Most email marketing activity, not to mention budget, should be focused on retention. Research has shown that a small reduction in customer loss can result in a disproportionate increase in profitability. Retention requires precise targeting of customers. This enables timely and effective communication aimed at keeping … READ MORE »

Designing your first e-newsletter

In all aspects of email marketing, content is king. In an e-newsletter it is even more important than that. The text and pictures are the only things which keep subscribers and therefore available for you to encourage onto your email lists. Here are some ideas for format. Nothing is set in stone. It is up … READ MORE »

A balance for newsletters

The on-costs of email newsletters (e-newsletters) can be considerable. The risk of failure is high and there can be little more daunting than a blank wizard just before the deadline. Yet given how many successful businesses use them there must be some advantages for those in email marketing. The trick is to build your e-newsletter … READ MORE »

Checklist for email copywriting

It is essential in email marketing that you read your email time and again through the creative process. Whilst you might feel a little jaded after the tenth time, remember that for the recipient, yours might be the eleventh of their day. So go through it carefully just before you send it off using a … READ MORE »


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