Email Data

Data collection for bulk email marketing

The essence of bulk email is in the first word. The more, as they say, the merrier or, to be more exact, the bigger the profit. However, what the higher number of subscribers gives you is the ability to predict with a considerable degree of accuracy their response to an email. You will have been … READ MORE »

The efficient use of free email templates

Free is a friendly sort of word. It makes you smile. When it is used in the phrase Free Email Templates it should make your smile even broader. Not only are they free, that word again, but they are quick and easy to complete. More of a broad grin in all probability. With the mechanics … READ MORE »

The insidious nature of spam

With tight margins and lots of competition it is tempting to consider avenues in email marketing that might provide a quicker return on investment. The elephant in the room is to ignore the need to attract subscribers and enter the murky world of spam. After all others do it so it obviously must be worthwhile. … READ MORE »

Offers are no immunity in email marketing

What could be easier? All you have to do is provide a product of decent enough quality and provide it at the lowest price and you are away. It is a wonder that everyone is not giving it a go. It is not, of course, that simple. The main point is that everyone else is … READ MORE »

Be the manager you should be

Email marketing is difficult to nail down. No system is forever. It might not even last a week. You need to modify your procedures to cope with the constant changes. Or better still, anticipate them. What this means is that everything you know now is or will be wrong. One way to cope is to … READ MORE »

The mathematics of email marketing

It is a basic of email marketing that your email list is the most valuable asset you have. Everything you do should go some way to cementing the relationship between you and your subscribers. Upset them and they will go. Trust is an essential. One way of ensuring that customers will click the unsubscribe button … READ MORE »

What email marketing software can do for you

The most frequently asked questions are on returns. Many want to know what they should expect their delivery rate, their open rate and their click-through rate should be. This is the wrong question. Do you remember petrol gauges in older cars? They were often graded 3/4, 1/2 and 1/4 full with a shaded area at … READ MORE »

Email marketing FAQs – Part 2

What are the best ways to get people to sign up to your email newsletter?  Work out who your target group is and then concentrate on them. You will then know what copy they would want as well as whether to opt for designer graphics or if content is king.  When the product is just … READ MORE »

Email Marketing FAQs – Part 1

It is often difficult to answer questions about email marketing as people ask the wrong ones. The problem is that they are too specific: how many, how much, that sort of thing. Email marketing is all about what is best for you. But let’s start with one that is easy enough to answer:  Why is … READ MORE »

Starting in email marketing

We all have to start somewhere and for most this is at the bottom. If your email list is in the hundreds then you might think that all these articles, with talk of sophisticated email marketing software, is not for you. Such a belief would mean that you would miss an opportunity.  Let us accept … READ MORE »


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