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Checklist for email copywriting

It is essential in email marketing that you read your email time and again through the creative process. Whilst you might feel a little jaded after the tenth time, remember that for the recipient, yours might be the eleventh of their day. So go through it carefully just before you send it off using a … READ MORE »

The Basic Offer

The offer in email marketing does not only mean the way you put products up for sale. Other goals can be the generation of leads to gain subscribers to your email list or to a newsletter. You could merely be collecting information from your subscribers or perhaps entrants to a prize draw. Whatever the purpose, … READ MORE »

Cheap email list building

The most expensive item in email marketing is the email list. From bought-in lists to website pages, your success rate often reflects the amount of time and money invested in the process. However, the group that gives the best return on investment is often overlooked. One difficulty with building email lists is that the person … READ MORE »

Email Marketing: Short, sweet subject lines

Everyone in email marketing says that readers scan the content. This goes for the Subject line in their inbox as well. Out of the ten or so words presented to them, those in your email lists will register just two or three. Whilst this might seem to be a real obstacle in your path it … READ MORE »

Email Marketing Hurdles

The common phrase of ‘there’s nothing worse than’ is frequently used when there are things which are much, much worse. That said, few would disagree that in email marketing there is nothing worse than managing to run the gauntlet of spam filters only to have your marketing email vegetate unopened in the inbox. There is … READ MORE »

A lesson for email marketing

Email marketing thrives on imagination and inventiveness and the executives who supported the Tesco ‘Pricecheck’ will need such skills when coming up for excuses for the fiasco. Whilst anyone can make a mistake, those that are very obvious should, very obviously, be avoided. So what went wrong? That is not easy to answer. The inherent … READ MORE »

Email Marketing Campaign Essentials

There are a number of variables that have to be considered in any email marketing campaign. The email itself has to be designed, the offer costed and even the precise time you are going to send it is another decision. However these are secondary to the most important one of all: which of those on … READ MORE »


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