Email Data

Fun at last

You might think that email marketing is all about counting, statistics and return on investment. To a great extent you would be right. Every now and again though you get to do something creative. A few minutes playing with email marketing templates can be as refreshing as a drink of cold water on a hot … READ MORE »

The smart option – part 2

Have you read The Smart Option – Part 1? The fact that the information you get from email marketing software with text-only emails is restricted should not put you off using them. Whilst the lack of images means lack of data, it is a difficulty that is easy enough to overcome. The benefits of text … READ MORE »

Bulking agent – how effective is a bulk email service?

There is a lot of evidence supporting the contention that the effectiveness of an email marketing campaign is improved if it is run in conjunction with other marketing methods, such as website, periodical adverts and even direct mail. Email lends itself to a whole range of marketing applications, all of which can be brought together … READ MORE »

How to compete

There is a delicious naughtiness about pinching other people’s ideas. Firstly, it is cheap, an essential in email marketing. Secondly, you might well bring a fresh perspective to the situation and improve the product. Thirdly, no reputations collapse if it all goes wrong. You have someone to blame. If you go to Competition Hunter you … READ MORE »

Gender stereotyping is now cool

It used to be easy to tell women from men according to my grandfather. He said they were the ones who danced backwards. Times have changed and nowadays it is not that simple. So why do we bother to collect stats on subscribers based on gender with our email marketing software? There is a bus … READ MORE »

Email marketing’s biggest risk?

Email marketing is not, perhaps, the funniest of businesses so there is a certain temptation to enjoy other people’s disasters. There is only one thing to do with such temptation: give into it. Twenty years ago Hoover ran their ill-fated air miles promotion. It became notorious yet we have recently had the ‘biggest fresh soup … READ MORE »

The prime suspect is email marketing

Television detectives have a fascination for most of us. From the fantasy of Sherlock Holmes to the police procedural of the Prime Suspect series they excite us with their clever deductions from limited information. There seems little connection to the hum-drum world of email marketing software. DNA revolutionised police systems, the ability to be definitive … READ MORE »


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