Email Campaign Management

Use your imagination

You will have agonised over your offer price and then considered the best way of wording your presentation. When it comes to picking what images to insert in your email marketing template you will probably opt for something out of your stock images pile. There is little to criticise in this. The professionally produced images, … READ MORE »

Never too late for good news

Precise information gives email marketing an edge, one that other forms of marketing can only dream of. The Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations’ (PECR) limitation on the use of tracking cookies, the enforcement of which started on 26 May this year, was a threat which promised to hit our return on investment. When people say … READ MORE »

Give bulk email marketing a go

The attraction of bulk email marketing is that a slight, a very slight, increase in returns gives a massive increase in ROI. It follows therefore that a little idea, just a slight alteration, might be well worth the effort. Mind you, how do you to know what to change? There has been very little research … READ MORE »

Video content in email marketing

The Internet provides us with a way of indulging ourselves. It is a tool for communication, information, entertainment and, as shown by email marketing software, is sometimes a painful source of irrefutable feedback. It has also allowed people to fulfil their dreams. Kindle can make you an author and YouTube turn us all into Ridley … READ MORE »

Tempting templates

The ease with which email marketing templates can be completed is a designed-in feature. It has taken somebody a lot of effort and we should be grateful to them. This simplicity is, oddly enough, a potential weakness. You could casually populate it with words and pictures and then send it out. There is more to … READ MORE »

Measuring reactions

Email marketing software gives an insight into the unconscious minds of you subscribers, something that occupies MRI scanners for some hours according to a recent television programme. It would appear – according to Horizon – that most people do not react logically. They just react. There is a lot of evidence, although not sourced via … READ MORE »

How to compete

There is a delicious naughtiness about pinching other people’s ideas. Firstly, it is cheap, an essential in email marketing. Secondly, you might well bring a fresh perspective to the situation and improve the product. Thirdly, no reputations collapse if it all goes wrong. You have someone to blame. If you go to Competition Hunter you … READ MORE »

Gender stereotyping is now cool

It used to be easy to tell women from men according to my grandfather. He said they were the ones who danced backwards. Times have changed and nowadays it is not that simple. So why do we bother to collect stats on subscribers based on gender with our email marketing software? There is a bus … READ MORE »

Email marketing’s biggest risk?

Email marketing is not, perhaps, the funniest of businesses so there is a certain temptation to enjoy other people’s disasters. There is only one thing to do with such temptation: give into it. Twenty years ago Hoover ran their ill-fated air miles promotion. It became notorious yet we have recently had the ‘biggest fresh soup … READ MORE »


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