Email Campaign Management

Getting the best out of free email templates

One overwhelming positive to going with a reputable email service provider is the quality of the free email templates. There is nothing worse than staring at a blank screen trying to be creative. Not only that, the temptation is to copy. You will, of course, have studied the creations of your competitors. Let’s face it, … READ MORE »

Complying with online selling

With the complexities of your email marketing systems, the last thing you need to think about during the Christmas rush is compliance with what you feel is the minutiae of legislation. This point of view finds little sympathy with the Office of Fair Trading (OFT). They have written to more than 50 leading retailers mentioning … READ MORE »

Classifying your subscribers

We all know how important it is to classify subscribers correctly in email marketing software. It allows the targeting of emails and the elimination of waste of the offer. It also reduces the risk of unsubscribes as emails would not be sent to those who have little or no interest in them. However, classification is … READ MORE »

A saga on age

Email marketing is all about discrimination. We define people by classifications such as their profession, where they live and, at least for the time being, their age. Targeting emails is an essential of our craft. Anything that limits our ability to do so is to be regretted. So should we beware of the Equality Act … READ MORE »

Pitching marketing emails to the right audience

An email is a sales pitch. Email marketing software compensates for the fact that the deal is not completed face to face. In essence the only difference between sales staff and digital sales is that one requires a signature on the dotted line whilst we want someone to click through. Your sales staff will have … READ MORE »

Tips for starting an email marketing campaign

With sophisticated bulk email services being available for such low prices, and support easy to access, one might be forgiven for thinking that all marketing emails would be equally effective. A little time perusing your competitors’ marketing emails will show this to be fantasy. The problem is that businesses new to the craft tend to … READ MORE »

Manage your email marketing lists

Many email marketers measure their success by the number of addresses in their email marketing lists. To a great extent this is true. The more names one has the greater the chances of the click-through and a purchase. Who could argue against that? In fact, quite a few people will. Managing your email marketing lists … READ MORE »

What to consider before changing email

Email templates provide a straightforward, easy and cost effective way of producing emails that will sell. However, there is every probability that you will be tempted to customise them and the odds are you will give into this temptation. Here are some points to take into consideration before doing so. The email templates will have … READ MORE »

Understanding data protection laws

One of the most significant restrictions on bulk email marketing is legislation. One of the most significant problems is that the words that are used are open to interpretation. The Data Protection Act (DPA) tells us that we must not keep personal data any longer than is necessary for the purposes for which it was … READ MORE »

Support email marketing with viral videos

Rumour has it that when Jimmy Saville was proposed as the face of the Inter-City 125 adverts there were concerns at British Rail. Trying to make a railway train look cool was seen as a step too far. History proved otherwise. Nowadays, the campaign might well have been modified, with the internet used and email … READ MORE »


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