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Pushing the boundaries with price comparisons

There are few more productive ways to emphasise your competitive pricing policy than using price comparisons. This is especially persuasive in an email marketing campaign as the subscriber will be online and could easily click on the link you so thoughtfully provided to see just how true your message is. Advertisers will push boundaries. This … READ MORE »

What price email marketing

The CTSI Guide to Pricing Practices (the Guide) will require changes to your systems of managing pricing. The requirements in the Guide mean that there are no longer prescribed systems to comply with. Instead each case must be taken on its merits. While this may seem an imposition, the old system led to significant abuses. … READ MORE »

CTSI in particulars

We introduced you to the broad intent of the CTSI Guide to Pricing (the Guide) recently but it is too much of a fundamental change to cover in 500 words. Here we go into a bit more depth, although we’ll limit ourselves to practical advice. You must read the Guidance to understand its full provisions. … READ MORE »

Omnichannel – what’s all that about?

You’ve no doubt heard the word, and read that it is the next big thing, but none of us has any idea if omnichannel is it the leap forward for email marketing that some have suggested or just another catch-phrase destined for oblivion. The jury is still out it seems but given the results of … READ MORE »

CTSI Guide and email marketing

The Chartered Trading Standards Institute Guide to Pricing Practices (The Guide) will be an essential for email marketing. It replaces the Pricing Practices Guide (PPG), with which you will no doubt be familiar, and similarly, it is not legally binding and merely a series of recommendations for best practices. However . . . It is … READ MORE »

Giving it all away

The thing with free is that it has benefits for all sides; take Valentine’s Day. The recipient gets a buzz not only for the present but also for the fact that someone regards them highly enough to buy them whatever it was. A win:win for the giver. It’s a bit different for email marketing campaigns, … READ MORE »

Literally email marketing

There have been a couple of cases before the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) recently which concern the use of absolute qualifications in advertising. Whilst neither relates directly to email marketing, there are lessons we can learn. A betting company, one which has been mentioned before on these pages, suggested in a TV advert that an … READ MORE »

Promises in an email marketing campaign

My son plays rugby union. He is second row which means he needs to be athletic with lots of muscle. He’s 6’3”, weighs 115 kgs, yet has little fat on his body. He’s a big guy. I was driving him and three of the tight five back from an away match when we saw a … READ MORE »

Pricing in email marketing

I subscribe to the email marketing list of one company not because I want to buy products from them but that they show a willingness to try new ideas. I have included a number of them on these pages and here comes another. They mess about with their pricing. None of their strategies are unique … READ MORE »

Don’t slip up with auto replies

Finding someone else’s discomfort funny is an automatic response in most people, so not only do we find it funny, but there is the added benefit of not having to feel guilty. After all it was an automatic response, similar to a reflex. When it happens in one’s own speciality it makes the enjoyment a … READ MORE »


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