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GDPR Notice

WizEmail GDPR Notice. WizEmail handles vast amounts of data primarily on behalf of its customers; we do this in a number of ways and under a number of differing legal basis’s. You are a recipient of a WizEmail customer WizEmail provides an email marketing platform for our customers to communicate with theirs. They must comply … READ MORE »

Essential Reading For Those In Email Marketing

Every now and again the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) issues advice on specific matters. Almost always it has been well worded, easy to read, devoid of too much superfluous information and, most importantly, useful. The ICO has recently issued a booklet giving guidance on direct marketing. Should I suggest that it is one of their … READ MORE »

Never too late for good news

Precise information gives email marketing an edge, one that other forms of marketing can only dream of. The Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations’ (PECR) limitation on the use of tracking cookies, the enforcement of which started on 26 May this year, was a threat which promised to hit our return on investment. When people say … READ MORE »

The future of cookies

You might not have heard of the Government Digital Service (GDS), a new quango within the Cabinet Office that will probably have a significant effect on email marketing and online sales. Its first public act has been to publish a long awaited update to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) guide to the new cookie law … READ MORE »

A sensible law for email marketing

It is not often that one can accuse lawmakers of coming up with a bit of legislation that seems to attack a perceived problem without causing too much collateral damage but every now and again comes a law that confounds. Mind you, the title is not too reassuring: The Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations, 2003, … READ MORE »


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