Christmas Gifts

I bought all my Christmas presents by the middle of November. I am sad that way. I have a system, a sort of headings method, where the range of possible gifts are whittled down and I end up with limited choices. This might seem to lack any emotional content but recipients do seem pleased with … READ MORE »

Top Tips for the Best Squeeze Pages

Let’s explain the jargon first of all: a squeeze page is a landing page, the specific intent of which is to get people to sign-up to your email marketing list. What makes a good squeeze page will vary depending on product and company to a significant extent although there are some universal truths. 1. Keep … READ MORE »

Look and Learn

I have a secret vice. I view YouTube more than I should. If I’m struggling for words, or, as in this case, looking for subject matter for an article, a brief dalliance on the website, or indeed one not so brief, is almost like a break from the computer. I justify this because there are … READ MORE »

Time Out

We have mentioned the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) Guidance on here before, and will do so again. It contains fundamental changes for bulk email marketing and the most important of these is how the ICO will view consent in future. No longer will consent be ongoing, not that it was ever open-ended before, but now … READ MORE »

Consenting Adults

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) recent Guidance told us that the next big hurdle for bulk email marketing will be consent. It warned us to take care with regards to time limits of consent, but were irritatingly unspecific. The ICO has highlighted four particular areas where time limits on consent will be of concern: 1. … READ MORE »

Vaguely Specific

What anyone preparing a marketing email needs to know is the difference between opinion and fact. You will want to entice customers into buying, or even just reading, the email by telling them just how good your product is. Lurking at the back of your mind will be the knowledge that one of the subscribers … READ MORE »

Counting Down

It was my birthday a few days ago. I’ve reached the age when I don’t really want to remember how many years have passed but I had no chance of forgetting. When I opened my inbox there were dozens of reminders. Various programmes generated the auto responses, particularly email marketing software. Whilst I appreciated the … READ MORE »

Time to Prepare

The Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Payments) Regulations 2013 (The ConCon Regs) will come into force sometime in the New Year and the format will have implications for bulk email marketing in both practice and presentation. It should be noted that some things have remained the same, although will now come under The ConCon … READ MORE »

Protect Yourself

We commented recently on here about the new ICO Guidance document¹ and have suggested that it is compulsory reading for anyone engaged in bulk email marketing. Most of its thrust is towards consent and it is reasonable to conclude that this signifies tighter control, and a restricted view, on what consent constitutes. We cannot say … READ MORE »

A Personal Diatribe

One target you should have, and on every email marketing campaign, is to keep those on your email marketing list happy. They should welcome your emails and open them with anticipation. It seems strange, therefore, that so many companies ignore the most basic sensible systems. Let’s go through some of the most frequent mistakes as … READ MORE »


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