DMA report – believe the hype

The DMA Email Marketing Council’s 2010 National Client Email report (The report) starts by suggesting that it “provides fascinating insight into the progress the email marketing sector is making.” Can one believe any self recommendation? The following statement is less than startling. “As the findings of the report testify, the medium continues to evolve through … READ MORE »

Target setting in email marketing

One would assume that the SMART acronym for target setting is well enough known to not bear repeating. So do you go through all five stages each time? The answer is probably not. Why should you be different? The most difficult of the five for those engaged in email marketing is probably the R, variously … READ MORE »

Email marketing in a changing environment

One of the key features of email marketing is that it is always changing and at a pace that can leave you floundering. Despite the bleak economic outlook this is unlikely to change. Online technology is developing all the time and in many different ways. There is no doubt whether the move to faster fibre … READ MORE »

Target your emails

It is easy to forget that email marketing is, in essence, nothing more that salesmanship at a distance. Whilst you cannot react to the immediate feedback, looking for those little clues to indicate which way you should go, sophisticated email marketing software allows you to know each individual on your email list. You now have … READ MORE »

How the VAT rise will effect email marketing

There is a certain lack of consensus on how the VAT rise will effect the country generally and this increases when we come to specifics, such as email marketing. Last year’s emergency rise to 20% gives us no real clue as market conditions were so different and it was known that it was likely to … READ MORE »

DMA and children and young persons

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) proudly boasts that it is Europe’s largest trade association in the marketing and communications sector. Whilst it has no statutory authority it enforces the DMA Code on its members. For email marketing its arguments are persuasive and the ability to say you comply with their Code is a distinct advantage. … READ MORE »

Greenwashing and Email Marketing

I would like to invent a word. Who would not? If it has nine letters you might even get a mention in Dictionary Corner, a real bonus for anyone in email marketing. How cool would that be? The bad news is that greenwash, derived from either or both whitewash and hogwash, has been taken. The … READ MORE »


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