Canadian anti-spam legislation

The Canadian Fighting Internet and Wireless Spam Act (the Act) creates new offences when sending commercial email in to and out from Canada. FISA, as it is known, is an example of the sort of restrictions email marketing might be facing in years to come. The act creates a new definition: commercial electronic messages (CEM) … READ MORE »

The basics of building an email list

The one essential in email marketing is an email list. Every part of your marketing strategy should in some way, either directly or indirectly, be designed to obtain more subscribers. Use every trick in the box to get every tick the box possible. There are some established basic principles of collecting that have stood the … READ MORE »

Email marketing options with the VAT increase

The VAT increase to 20% will cost you. That is the one certainty of 2011. However it will cost those engaged in email marketing less than high street shops, at least according to sales reports and predictions. Do not despair. With the right techniques you can increase your email lists and sales figures. It is … READ MORE »

Profiling, the answer to competition

Profiling might be the stuff of exciting police dramas on television but it has a place in email marketing as well. The current economic situation, as well as what is to come, together with the increase to 20% VAT might not seem reasons to be cheerful, there are some positives if you look carefully enough. … READ MORE »

Email marketing – the future

It is clear that of all forms of advertising, email marketing is the method of the future. A Google sponsored report shows that many companies are funding their increase in their email marketing budget by reducing investment in other forms, such as direct mail and social networking. The only significant cost is in setting up … READ MORE »

Bullet points – the final checklist

There are few rules in email marketing and it is fair to say those following merely constitute advice, but ignore them at your peril. If you value your email list them at least consider them. Before you send your email into the harsh realities of the internet, go through your bullet points to see if … READ MORE »

Email marketing’s place

The Connected Kingdom is a report commissioned by Google into the internet in the UK. It makes fascinating reading, even for those of us not impressed by figures. It shows that email marketing in general and the internet specifically is booming in this country. Not only that, it encourages a great deal of confidence for … READ MORE »


People are much more likely to believe an unsolicited recommendation from a satisfied customer than an advert. And for good reason. This has been recognised in email marketing and many websites allow contributors to add their comments on a product, making them available to any browser. There are dangers in this approach. The comments are … READ MORE »


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