Email Marketing: Short, sweet subject lines

Everyone in email marketing says that readers scan the content. This goes for the Subject line in their inbox as well. Out of the ten or so words presented to them, those in your email lists will register just two or three. Whilst this might seem to be a real obstacle in your path it … READ MORE »

Email Marketing Hurdles

The common phrase of ‘there’s nothing worse than’ is frequently used when there are things which are much, much worse. That said, few would disagree that in email marketing there is nothing worse than managing to run the gauntlet of spam filters only to have your marketing email vegetate unopened in the inbox. There is … READ MORE »

A lesson for email marketing

Email marketing thrives on imagination and inventiveness and the executives who supported the Tesco ‘Pricecheck’ will need such skills when coming up for excuses for the fiasco. Whilst anyone can make a mistake, those that are very obvious should, very obviously, be avoided. So what went wrong? That is not easy to answer. The inherent … READ MORE »

Email Marketing Budgets

Despite its inherent cost effectiveness, email marketing success requires careful attention to budgeting. Whilst the only real expense is the creation of an email list, it should be remembered that your competitors are also enjoying the reduced costs. Fail to compete and you will fail. What to include when trying to work out how much … READ MORE »

Email Marketing Research

You must discover what your competitors and others engaged in email marketing are doing. You will be pleased to know that there is no need for expensive and illegal industrial espionage. All you have to do is subscribe to a few email lists. Create a number of email addresses to keep specifically for research purposes. … READ MORE »

Bouncing e-mails

Once you have sent your creation into the ether the sophistication of email marketing becomes apparent. You now have to set to work examining the returns from your email marketing software. And be aware that the statistics will be arriving almost immediately. The first figures of note will be your bounces. This is where your … READ MORE »

Profiling subscribers

You should not always, if ever, go for the safe option in email marketing. It is a very crowded market and with the high street suffering and online sales taking up what little slack there is, it is probable that more and more companies will look to email marketing to see them through the current … READ MORE »

Releasing the full potential of your email lists

On any email list there will be those who respond regularly, those who are not quite as frequent and also a number who buy something on occasion. It is an unfortunate fact of email marketing that there will also be a number who fail to respond in any way. This last group, let us call … READ MORE »

Fitting the Offer to the Market

In these straightened times it is probable that you are considering what offer might tempt those on your email lists. If the times change then should your method of email marketing follow suit? For many companies the answer would appear to be: Yes. There seems to be a preponderance of VAT-themed offers coming into inboxes … READ MORE »


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