Recipient’s responses to an email

Email marketing software will allow you to fashion a marketing email that will stand the best chance of being read. Just trusting to luck is not good enough. The days of finding a few internal memos and a letter or two in your in tray are long gone. Most people have systems for dealing with … READ MORE »

Creating the email

The big fear of those new to email marketing seems to be the email itself. They feel that the creative process requires skills they do not posses and procedures they do not understand. The reality is somewhat different. There can be no argument: the design of the email is critical. It will have got past … READ MORE »

Integration and blogs

An integrated campaign, using multiple media outlets, is a well established, and frequently proven via email marketing software, method of increasing return on investment. The rise in the use, range and number of social networking sites, as well as other internet based outlets, is the classic way of realising the full value of your email … READ MORE »

Getting the best from your open rates

The open rate returns from your email marketing software might have given your confidence a boost when you checked them against those from the previous campaign. The subtle changes you made to the Subject line were obviously a brilliant idea and all that remains is to tell your boss. However, you might be missing a … READ MORE »

New Year – new methods of email marketing

There is little argument against the balance between the product and price being the most important part of any email marketing campaign. Get that wrong and everything falls apart. Get it right and all you have to do is count the cash. The email marketing software returns from previous campaigns should be your guide. In … READ MORE »

The efficient use of free email templates

Free is a friendly sort of word. It makes you smile. When it is used in the phrase Free Email Templates it should make your smile even broader. Not only are they free, that word again, but they are quick and easy to complete. More of a broad grin in all probability. With the mechanics … READ MORE »

Email Marketing FAQs – Part 1

It is often difficult to answer questions about email marketing as people ask the wrong ones. The problem is that they are too specific: how many, how much, that sort of thing. Email marketing is all about what is best for you. But let’s start with one that is easy enough to answer:  Why is … READ MORE »

Starting in email marketing

We all have to start somewhere and for most this is at the bottom. If your email list is in the hundreds then you might think that all these articles, with talk of sophisticated email marketing software, is not for you. Such a belief would mean that you would miss an opportunity.  Let us accept … READ MORE »


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