Targeted email marketing tips

Targeted email marketing is seen as the safe way of going about our business but it is not. Safe is a misnomer: it is anything but. If you do not take risks then you are risking your company.  Any Google search using the words high street and closures will bring in hundreds of results. It … READ MORE »

Counter your intuition

Email marketing software gives you massive amounts of data that can turn your company into a class leader. All you need to know is how. The most obvious people to ask are the experts. After all, they know best. An expert is someone who has experience and has worked out the best options. The advice … READ MORE »

After Mega Monday

The size of your email list will no doubt give you comfort over the holiday period. You will probably have increased the number of subscribers after Mega Monday so everything is on the up. The last thing you want to hear is that this is the time to extend your horizons beyond just figures. The … READ MORE »

The smart option – part 2

Have you read The Smart Option – Part 1? The fact that the information you get from email marketing software with text-only emails is restricted should not put you off using them. Whilst the lack of images means lack of data, it is a difficulty that is easy enough to overcome. The benefits of text … READ MORE »

Bulking agent – how effective is a bulk email service?

There is a lot of evidence supporting the contention that the effectiveness of an email marketing campaign is improved if it is run in conjunction with other marketing methods, such as website, periodical adverts and even direct mail. Email lends itself to a whole range of marketing applications, all of which can be brought together … READ MORE »

Gender stereotyping is now cool

It used to be easy to tell women from men according to my grandfather. He said they were the ones who danced backwards. Times have changed and nowadays it is not that simple. So why do we bother to collect stats on subscribers based on gender with our email marketing software? There is a bus … READ MORE »

The prime suspect is email marketing

Television detectives have a fascination for most of us. From the fantasy of Sherlock Holmes to the police procedural of the Prime Suspect series they excite us with their clever deductions from limited information. There seems little connection to the hum-drum world of email marketing software. DNA revolutionised police systems, the ability to be definitive … READ MORE »

Cookie Legislation

Email marketing software depends to a certain extent on cookies, devices such as clear gifs which are included in marketing emails or dropped on web users' laptops, tablets, mobiles etc to access or store information on those devices. The information returned is a major factor in ensuring that marketing emails are tailored for individual subscribers. … READ MORE »


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